Keep Going

"Feel the fear but do it anyway Keep Going" S. Ntshinga

Have you found yourself in a situation which you had never predicted it will ever happen to you? That unexpected change that just disrupts your life especially your comfort zone. I think one way or the other we all go through those situations whether good or bad.  An unexpected pregnancy, death of a loved one, losing a job, change in financial circumstances, illness of a spouse, career demands. Those a just a few examples we all will have to go through while we on this earth. 

During this time, our faith and endurance is tested. You find yourself questioning how the universe works, especially when you seem to be facing crisis after crisis. There are many good people who seem to be done bad all the time, but their character never changes. And that is how we are meant to react to any situation we come across. The situation should not make us bitter but better. Better in how we manage crisis in our lives and how improve ourselves. We are meant to evolve for the better and not stay the same. I think at times these situations happen to move us to a different direction or for us to do some soul searching.

Whatever situation you are facing do not give up. Do cry but keep going. Cry while you keep going it will be better. Those tears will be tears of joy in good time. Trust the process and believe in the higher power most importantly believe in yourself. Surround yourself with people who will build you up. Read and listen to podcast, write down your thoughts and feelings. Do not forget to count your blessings as hard as it may be, you are still breathing more reason to keep going. Also listen to comedy, laughter is important and will help uplifting your mood. You got this and God has you, Keep Going. 

S Ntshinga

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